Sunday, 14 May 2017

Guest Post : Setup of my Foxy Fix Number 3 Rowena Travellers Notebook using the Royal Planner March 2017 TN/Fauxdori Kit by Sarah Campbell

Setup of my Foxy Fix Number 3 Rowena Travellers Notebook using the Royal Planner March 2017 TN/Fauxdori Kit by Sarah Campbell
As a member of the Royal Planner Design Team every month I receive a monthly kit to review and share so here’s a look at my new setup using the kit I received in March.
Each month you will usually receive the following items:
  • 3 sheets of single sided A4 cardstock
  • A sheet of vellum
  • A pre-made dashboard (although these are being discontinued in future kits)
  • A pen
  • Stickers
  • Decorative paperclip
  • Planner charm
  • Die cuts/ephemera (whatever you wish to call them!)
  • Washi tape
  • Journaling cards
  • Sequins
Just look how pretty this crown pen looks against my Rowena!

This month’s kit included this gorgeous bookmark charm that could be adjusted to size to fit whichever TN you’re using.
When I open up my TN this is the first thing I am greeted with! Pure joy! The rose paperclip fits perfectly inside my front pocket and I have attached one of the die cuts that I laminated.

What I love about these kits is that you can enjoy being as creative as you want to be in using all the different components to decorate your planner. I made this dashboard using the cardstock, journaling card and sequins that came with this month’s kit. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my fuse tool to seal the top so I ended up stitching it. Please don’t look too closely as I’m not the world’s greatest at sewing!!
I used the cardstock to make some dashboards. Although my Rowena is A6 size, I sized these to fit a pocket sized(field notes) insert.
I used more of the journaling cards, stickers and die cuts from the kit to decorate the inside of my dashboards.

The washi and die cuts really make my May monthly page pop!
And finally… pen sits in the pen loop of my Rowena along with this beautiful paperclip with my name on that Nikki create for each of her design team members.

I think you’ll agree that this kit is packed full of value and the thought, care and attention that goes into each piece is incredible. I love how each month’s kit has the same theme running through it. This month’s theme was “Bloom where you’re planted”
TN kits are available in a number of different sizes including micro, passport, pocket, A6, personal, B6, regular and wide.
You have the option to subscribe to the monthly kit or purchase it as a stand-alone kit. The kit retails at £23 plus £2.50 flat-rate postage within the UK but there are options for shipping anywhere outside of the UK too at very reasonable rates.
Why not check out my unboxing video:
Please come and say hello to me on Instagram:
Kits are available here and please do use my discount code SAR15 to receive 15% of your order!
Happy planning lovelies! xx

And Sarah's unboxing video here :

Friday, 24 February 2017

Design Team Call

Hello friends,

We are seeking creative individuals who love planning community and are active on social media outlets to make pretty things with our monthly boxes, releases and stickers, and share them with their followers!
If you would like to apply please send an email to : by 10th  of March 5 EST with subject: Royal Planner Design Team and please induce following :
1. Name, City / Country you live in
2. Your social media links- please include Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest,Facebook, Twitter
3. Your most favorite 5 photos of your planner that best represents your style (doesn't have to be only Royal Planner products) Please do not  attach more than 5.
4. Tell us your experience! How long have you been crafting/ planning, current / past design teams and your term, your favorite social media outlets to post as well as why you would like to be part of our team!

You will hear back from us no later than May 15th! And this open UK girls and International girls!

We are exited to hear from you! If you have any questions please leave them down below!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Planner Overview (what worked, what didnt?) Aims for 2017. Planner Set-Up?

Hello planner friends!

New year is already here! I am always so much exited for the new beginning :) So here is a new challenge for me - write a blog more regular! So lets begin because  have a lot to share!
So lets get back to 2016 and see what I was using:
My main planner for 2016 was Happy Planner. I started from December 2016 and was using until April or June. ( I went to my mom for holidays) so I didn't pick the Happy planner with me as I toke with me the new Erin Condren planner. So i thought I will use for holidays and will see how  I like it. But honestly I didn't liked the coil- it was so hard to write things on. I love the layout and how pretty it can be, but coil every time  just was killing me. So I can say I lost my planning mojo :(
So I was planning in A5 planners. However after I back I started to use the Erin Condren again. So now its all done for 2016 :) Here are some pictures from Erin Condren, as I am not going to use this planner in 2017 so decided still include some pictures :)

 Stickers are from my shop :

The next planner I was using- is Kikki k peach perforated personal . But i sold this planner when I received my Kate Spade planner :) So I have moved Everything to Kate Spade. I do have planner set up video here. 
The next planner i was using is Webster Pages Travelers notebook. It didn't worked with daily planning for me but I do enjoy memory keeping and journaling in this planner.  I also had a blush one with me since July or August 2016. But when I back I sold it and moved everything in to new travelers notebook- Rose gold Webster Pages. I think you can easy tell I am rose gold fan :)

Now my aims for 2017 are very simple- I will be using my one of tree personal planners - as planner on the go.
Current Kate Spade Planner Set- Up:

 I will use my Happy planner as main planner. 

1st January week before pen in my Happy Planner. 

Some of the favorite stickers i keep in the pocket. 

And will use Prima planner as mine creative/ social media/ project planner. 

I need to set up this planner. I am working on this planner set up, will share when I am done :)

I will use my Webster pages travelers notebook for my memory keeping and journaling.

Happy planner i will use for life changer ( the new habits and new eating style changes are will share later when this planner is set- up) 

And from all collection i have i need to choose one for my on line business planner. So thats all aims for 2017- use as much as i can so I can see mere what system I like more and more keep memories! I I have filmed a video about my planner collection and what planners worked for me and what not. To see the video here. 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stop by these beautiful ladies also taking part: